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Methane Anaerobic Digestion

CeramicForum's waste2energy innovation adapted for the ceramic industry.

A unique fermenting technology, developed with Dutch university resulting in:

• High methane percentage

• Hardly any digestate waste

• High CH4 output rate

• Fast R.O.I. investment

• Low running costs

This, due to the fact that Ceramic manufacturing facilities have traditionally already many advantages to accomodate our uninque MethaGas innovation.

But there is more, we have created a foundation for the actual investment & operational management. In this way, we can work out together a "module" providing you a suitable compromise between the purchase of cheap Methane Gas, innitial investment and operating costs.

However there must be availability of high calorific ( sugars, starch, fats, proteins, lipids, etc.) waste within a radius of ± 75 kms. of your brick plant for instance, to keep transport costs low.

MethaGas is a new and CeramicForum is currently looking for partners who would like to join our project.

Contact details

Phone +33 (0)609618935
Fax +33 (0)555489273
Email info@ceramicforum.com
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MethaGas Brochure

Further Reading

A.D. Theory
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Your Contact

Phone Bert Wijnbelt
Phone +33 (0)609618935
Email bert@methagas.com

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